Coaching for Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence is a key performance attribute of successful organizations and will become increasingly important in the future.  Coaching is the skill to make sure that your team consistently communicate and reinforce this agenda. DiversiPro has developed a program that includes both parts of the equation in one package – the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)... Read More

DiversiPro Coach Summer Newsletter

Finally, summer has arrived and we're well into baseball season now, but it's time to make some change ups and sharpen those skills. Draft Picks DiversiPro is now an Associate Member of the ITAP International Alliance Network, an integrated network of cooperative companies.  This relationship will add exciting new capabilities that will create even more... Read More

A Culturally Competent City

As cities become more and more culturally diverse, it is vital that all residents are encouraged to become part of the life and fabric of that city. More importantly, cities must develop policies and practices that include all of its residents. Like many organizations, cities tout their diverse population as an asset. For example, the motto of... Read More