• Planning Inclusive Meetings and Special Events

    Hamlin Grange:In today’s increasingly diverse world it’s important to make meetings and events accessible to everyone; it’s not only the right thing to...

  • Blinded by “Merit”

    Few people would disagree that Blacks and other non-whites are treated differently than whites by the criminal justice system.  All the statistical data...

  • The Great Diversity Divide

    The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River There’s an ongoing war of words between the anti-oppression, diversity and inclusion and intercultural competence camps. It...

Diversity on six cylinders

It is invaluable to have people who are knowledgeable about the best practices in diversity who also know the organization they are working for.

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Diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative and tend to make decisions that are more sustainable. Stepping outside our comfort zones, allows each of us to become better than who we think we can be. It also helps organizations to be more reflective, responsive and relevant to the changing markets and communities they serve.


Hamilton Community Foundation

A core value of the Hamilton Community Foundation is Inclusiveness. The philanthropic organization addresses issues that improve Hamilton’s quality of life, especially in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. By focusing on economic diversity it deals with poverty and works with low-income and under-represented neighborhoods.

Diversity in the workplace

Listen to this interview with Hamlin Grange of DiversiPro about why organizations must become more culturally competent in order to attract the best talent, develop a culture of innovation and to be more productive.